Ella Writes Your Blurbs For You

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective January 1st, 2017, Ella will be returning to the world of blurbing! After a long hiatus due to health issues she is ready to begin taking clients once more.

We apologize for the long drought in information, and we look forward to getting you back in touch with Ella. 

– HUSH Stories

I’ve been doing “blurb” (a.k.a. product description/back cover copy) writing on behalf of other writers for quite a while, but I only recently became aware of how difficult and frustrating many fellow authors find this particular, vital bit of the process.

Because of that, a few writer friends said I’d be more useful if I actually advertised the fact that I offer this service! They have a point, obviously.

If you’re working on a book and need a “blurb” (officially a book description, I know) written for it, or if you’ve got an existing blurb with which you’re unhappy, I’m open for business. I’ll post a collection of references/testimonials soon; for now, here are the specs:

  • I charge $30 per blurb, though it may vary (slightly higher or lower) in rare cases depending on length/content/the number of drafts necessary. I’m happy to discuss that with you as soon as we touch base.
  • I do alternate 400-character length versions for Smashwords distribution as well, also $30 (or similarly variable).
  • I take synopses of the book in question and work with that to craft a blurb. If you have an existing blurb, it helps for me to see that as well so I better understand what you’re looking to change.
  • Turnaround tends to be quite quick, and always reasonable; if I’m in the middle of a project with another client I’ll let you know straight away so we can discuss your specific deadlines. I try to get a first draft back to you within 48 hours of receiving the materials and accepting the task! I’ll exchange emails with you to tweak the blurb(s) in question until you’re satisfied with the final product.
  • Most commonly asked question: “Do you do blurbs for [Genre X]?” The answer: yes. I have a professional history in corporate copywriting, and since then have written descriptions for everything from historical fiction to fantasy to mysteries to horror to nonfiction to erotica. I’m open to working with you on anything for which you’re seeking help!
  • If you’re looking to enlist my help, just send an email my way at HushStoriesElla@gmail.com with “Blurb” or something similar in the subject line; you’ll hear back from me ASAP.

I hope I can be of assistance! Get in touch and we can get to work on fine-tuning your blurb and removing your headache over it. Let’s get started!


Some kind words from but a few happy clients:





“Ella’s assistance was the single best investment I made in my last novel. After a few rounds of back-and-forth, my book description was stronger, tighter and a lot more exciting. She was a delight to work with and I’m so grateful for her help.” — Sarah Wynde, author of The Tassamara Series





“Ella, I tell everyone to use you, so I wouldn’t mind if you show them anything you’ve done. Heck, you can put a before and after on your website if you like. You’re a rockstar at this, people should know!” — Steven Whibley, author of The Cambridge Files and The Dean Curse Chronicles



2 Responses to Ella Writes Your Blurbs For You

  1. beccadi says:

    I need a blurb for a 750-word story – since that’s about the length of a good synopsis, can I just send you the story? how much would you charge for a blurb for it?


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