Nothing will ever beat physical books.



No picture will ever do the prettiness of a paperback justice, either!

I just wanted to update everyone who won my mailing list giveaway: your books are indeed en route to you! There’s also a Firstreads Giveaway happening on Goodreads for the book right now, so spread the word if you know anyone who’s up for some hot doctor/nurse action. I mean, if they’re up for reading about it. I can promise nothing beyond that. Ahem.

There’s a new post coming in a few days (Monday, May 19th), part of a blog tour, that details “My Writing Process.” In that post there are also a few exciting little details about the next big project, so please do swing by again when that entry goes live here & get the scoop!


About msellablythe

Canadian. Erotica writer. Crazy in a fun way.
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