Three cheers for “eXcitica”!

** NOTE (ongoing as of April 19th/14): There were some technical issues with the eXcitica site, so it is unfortunately down while Selena and her web folks are sorting it out. I’ll post an update when it goes live again! **


After all of my bitching and moaning about running into walls with certain booksellers (I’m sure you recall that about which I write), and after saying more than once that I would totally be on board if the prolific erotica mistress Selena Kitt were to open an electronic storefront of her own…

Well. Guess what, y’all?

A magical place called eXcitica has been born. And yours truly has listed the books you can no longer find on Apple and Kobo there. Go check out my profile. And look around.

I’d write more here, but I’ve been rather swamped with deadlines (HUSH Stories is so much fun, and yes, I’m getting ready to launch book #3 of The Best Medicine very soon, so keep your eyes open! Get on the mailing list for a preview, too…). I just had to make mention of how giddy I am that Selena has done what so many of us wish we had the clout to pull off, and I’m very happy to be a part of it. A place where everyone is free to explore their fantasies and find exactly the sort of sexy books they’re looking for is all right by me. To say it broadens the possibilities of what I may write in the future is an understatement, now that I know there’s somewhere people will be able to find and enjoy them…no matter how racy they get.

Have fun browsing, my friends. Just don’t do it while you’re at work. Unless you want to get fired. In which case, forge ahead!


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Canadian. Erotica writer. Crazy in a fun way.
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