Finally, some movement on the “personalized erotica” front.

There’s been an idea brewing for years now, one that I’ve been part of from the very beginning: personalized erotica. At long last I’m finally doing something about it. Isn’t that novel?

I figure there’s gotta be a market for this sort of thing, right? I mean, who wouldn’t want to buy a sexy story that isn’t just about two random characters but is, instead, about the readers themselves? Imagine how many women wish it was their name and eye colour and such instead of “Ana Steele” within the pages of Fifty Shades of Grey? (I shudder to think about how many men envisioned themselves in the place of Christian Grey…and if you’re wondering why, you may want to check out wonderful writer Anna Roberts’s fantastic-and-disturbing recap of the book).

But aside from writing up a good number of common fantasy stories into which I can place people’s names and descriptive features (which, by the way, you can help choose to get us started: please, do vote anonymously on the HUSH Stories poll, if you’d be so kind), I’m also planning to do something considerably more ambitious: I’m starting to take commissions from people, people who have something very specific in mind and want a professional writer to actually put it on paper for them.

If a woman were to email me and say that there’s long been a fantasy she’s had about her husband coming home dressed as a superhero of her choosing and “rescuing” her in a rather creative way? I’d be writing that for her, from the ground up, using as many real-life details as possible (what her bedroom looks like, or little catchphrases or naughty words her husband likes to use in bed, that sort of thing). And so on.

It’s audacious. I know. Especially while I wait for the other writers attached to the HUSH project to get free of their current obligations. But it’s also cool, no? Had I not already (apparently, if my exes are to be believed) been good at writing those stories for myself and my lovers, I’d have been over the moon to find someone who was willing to do that for me. Here’s hoping I can make someone else that happy.

If you haven’t poked around the HUSH Stories page yet, have a look. Vote, if you like; I’ll certainly be grateful. And, best of all for my mailing list subscribers, I’m planning to do a giveaway soon where the prize is a completely unique, totally personalized erotica e-book, tailored to whatever they ask of me. Stay tuned, mailing listers (and, for goodness’ sake, if you haven’t signed up yet, you really must – you don’t want to miss out on this kind of stuff, do you?).

A side-note: HIS BIDDING is still selling for $1.99 (only to American readers, I’m sorry to say; I don’t know why Kindle Countdowns aren’t accessible to non-U.S. residents, myself included, but they are not, though you can still buy it internationally for $2.99) throughout tomorrow, so pick it up on sale while you can. And as for HER DESIRE, you can get it on all Amazon sites and it’s gone live at Barnes and Noble for those of you who have a Nook. I’ll be sure to update links when it finally (eventually? I hope?) becomes available through Apple and on Kobo.

His Bidding: The Best Medicine #1

Her Desire (1)

Thoughts on the whole “personalized erotica” thing? Do you think it’s something that people will seek out (especially as Valentine’s Day quickly approaches)? Talk to me, folks!


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