What do you like in an author blog? Plus: Techno-fail! And HER DESIRE is almost ready…

First off: HAPPY 2014, everyone! I hope your holidays have been wonderful, that you were spoiled with gifts of books, and that none of you are currently freezing (that would be most of Canada and the northeastern U.S. at the moment) or sweltering (my Australian friends are suffering something fierce as we speak).

Second: an apology to my mailing list members! For whatever reason, the form I set up to allow the first few of you to provide a mailing address to which I could send a free copy of Fruit of the Forbidden Tree: The Complete Collection decided to send me incomplete information, which means I have no way of getting your rightful paperbacks to you.

I extend an olive branch (while shaking my fist at WordPress) and say that, if you’d like to give it one more go, just email me ( ella.blythe at bell.net ) your preferred shipping address, and rather than enforcing a limit I will honour the request of each of you who are already on my mailing list as of this posting. I’ve ordered more copies to ensure I’ll have enough, and this time I’ll just get your info from you directly instead of trusting a garbled form! (If you’re joining my list after the fact, no worries; I have plenty of giveaways coming up, too.)

Aren't they pretty?

Aren’t they pretty?

Third: I’m giddy to announce that the second installment in The Best Medicine serial is only days away from completion and availability. HER DESIRE will serve as a big payoff for those of you who’ve been patient (…so to speak) enough since HIS BIDDING launched the saucy story of Brynn and Hitch, and believe me when I say it will only get hotter in book three! (…and beyond, perhaps? We shall see…)

I’ll be sending out the cover artwork to my mailing list members, along with an exclusive sneak peek at the story itself, in the next day or two, so if you’ve not yet signed up and you want in, do it here!

Finally, on a non-business note: I’ve been reading a lot lately about what people like in their authors’ blogs. Do you enjoy personal stories and anecdotes, and interacting with a writer whose work you read? Or do you generally frequent their websites for informational purposes? I like being approachable – it makes everything more fun! – but I’m genuinely curious as to what it is that makes you return to catch up on writer blogs. Personal, professional, or a mix of both? Hit me up via comments here, or on Twitter or Facebook, if you’d like to weigh in. I am, after all, writing just as much for others as I am for myself, so I’d like to know I’m doing it right, both in my books and on my blog.

Your opinions have hereby been solicited!


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Canadian. Erotica writer. Crazy in a fun way.
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