Paperbacks of “The Complete Collection” are on Amazon…

Can I just say one thing before I go into shameless plugging mode again? Okay, then. Thank you! Here it is: There is a woman named Tara who works at CreateSpace, and she is a godsend. For all of the struggling I did with resizing and wrestling with dimensions (there was a great deal of *headdesk*ing happening throughout that process, let me tell you) to turn my three “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” ebooks into one actual, physical book, Tara managed to take my struggles and turn them into a much simpler and far more pleasant experience than I could have hoped for. A shout-out to Tara, who is awesome, and to CreateSpace for having people like her on their staff. ‘Tis the season to be thankful for things, after all, and the help she has given me thus far cannot be overstated, nor should it go without a huge THANK YOU.

Now I can go on to say that, because of Tara’s hard work, Fruit of the Forbidden Tree: The Complete Collection – previously available digitally but not physically – is now selling in paperback format all over the place, including at Amazon. It’ll start popping up on other sites in the coming week or two, from what I understand (the holidays probably slow the process down a bit), but at least it’s out there now!

All three "Forbidden" novellas - SUMMER OF SIN, GIVING THANKS and FROZEN IN TIME -  between two covers...

All three “Forbidden” novellas – SUMMER OF SIN, GIVING THANKS and FROZEN IN TIME – between two covers…

Don’t forget, too, since it’s that time of year, that my snowy and sexy book with Greer HartleyGHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST – is just begging to make a holiday appearance on your Kindle. We’ve talked it over and have some pretty lofty plans for next Christmas, so let us hope we’re able to pull it off! In the meantime, though, GHOSTS gives you two very different erotic romance stories with one haunting element in common. If you don’t buy it for “Stay,” my half, buy it for Greer’s “What You Leave Behind.” Seriously. It’s well worth it.


Okay, I’ll shut up now. Must get back to writing HER DESIRE. I must ask my dear designer if I can give my mailing list members a peek at the cover before I release it to the world. And as for the ongoing story of Brynn and Dr. Hitchens? It’s just gettin’ good…


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