BIG Sale on Amazon Starting TOMORROW! Plus: News!

Well, now that we’ve gotten that whole GIVING THANKS brouhaha settled (thanks kindly to a helpful Amazon rep named Julie!), I can officially announce that it’s a big weekend for the Fruit of the Forbidden Tree series. (Classic misdirection while I’m working away at the second book in The Best Medicine serial. I am so very wily.)

Lots to cover here, so I’ll break it down for you. Click to jump to:

  • the big “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” sale details
  • an announcement about my impending Christmas release
  • updates on how the follow-up to HIS BIDDING is going
  • a new release by Cate Marsden you’ll want to read
  • giveaways and rewards if you’re on my mailing list!

    Here’s what’s happening:

    FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6th will have a blowout sale on all three of the “Forbidden” books (and yes, you can read them in any order – they stand alone!). SUMMER OF SIN and GIVING THANKS will be 99 cents each! And – wait for it – FROZEN IN TIME will be FREE.

    Get them now from Amazon!

    Kindle Countdown Sale! December 6th – December 8th, 2013!

    The Kindle Countdown sale will continue all weekend for Books 1 and 2, gradually inching up to $1.99 each until the sale ends on the evening of SUNDAY, DECEMBER 8th. I wish I could’ve offered FROZEN IN TIME free all weekend long, but I unfortunately used up all of my Free Promo Days in November, so we’ll just have to blitz out tomorrow!

    If you haven’t picked up any of these books, or you’ve been meaning to check them out or finish your collection, this is the weekend to do it. You know you want to.


    In the meantime, I’m back to the grindstone, working on having the follow-up to HIS BIDDING (which will be titled HER DESIRE – the first draft of the cover, thanks to Shelley at Dark Moon Graphics, is fantastic – you guys will love it – and we’ve already got a great idea for the third!). Oh, and there’s one more tiny thing I hadn’t yet mentioned (unless you’re on my mailing list – and if you’re not, why on earth aren’t you? You get free stuff and sneak previews and prizes and super-secret access to the site’s Members Only section! JOIN ME)…


    COMING (very) SOON:

    Imminent release: GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST by Ella Blythe and Greer Hartley

    Imminent release: GHOSTS OF CHRISTMAS PAST by Ella Blythe and Greer Hartley

    Yes, that’s right: I and my friend and fellow author (of the “romantica” ilk), Greer Hartley, are nearly ready to release our special holiday themed, two-story novella. ‘Tis the season! I won’t spoil the plots of the two tales, but what I can say is you should be prepared to deck the halls, fall in love, and give in to lust. Isn’t that what the holidays are all about? (…what do you mean, “No”?? Around these parts, they are!)


    Oh, how could I forget? One more book worth mentioning, and it’s not mine: the wonderful Cate Marsden has just released her first full novel, THE ZOMBIE SHE CARRIED (Having His Zombie #1), and my goodness…you have to read it to believe it. This takes Paranormal Romance to a whole new level. Harelquin couldn’t do it anywhere near as well as Cate has. Spoil yourselves rotten and pick it up! I bought my copy on release day & am head over heels already.



    Clearly there is much to look forward to in the coming days! I’m planning a giveaway for mailing list subscribers, too – actual, physical books! – PLUS a little bonus for the first three who sign up after seeing this post, so if you’ve not yet signed up, now is the time…


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