It’s almost time for your MEDICINE…

UPDATED: Buy HIS BIDDING: The Best Medicine #1 on Amazon NOW!

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends and readers! I come bearing news (does that count as bearing gifts?)…

If you haven’t caught up on the “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” series, this is definitely the appropriate time to pick up GIVING THANKS:

When her father marries Ben’s mother, young Alexa yearns for her family to feel complete again. Ben has different ideas. Cold and distant, he keeps Alexa at arm’s length for years, never giving her a chance to be a part of his life. By the time they hit college, it seems all hope for a civil relationship is lost.

But on her first holiday weekend home, Alexa finds herself at the mercy of unusual circumstances. Stuck at home with Ben, the pair are forced to confront each other, and Alexa finally discovers the reasons behind Ben’s longtime hostility towards her. Soon she may regret knowing the truth…or will she be thankful to have her most burning questions answered at last?

GIVING THANKS is a searing glimpse at the thin line between hatred and passion, friends and enemies, and blood and water.

If you’ve exhausted that particular tree, though, fear not: It’s only a few more hours before HIS BIDDING, Book One of my new serial, “The Best Medicine,” hits Amazon’s virtual shelves! As you can see from the cover (special thanks to Dark Moon Graphics for the fantastic work), there will be plenty of cold compresses and heightened pulse rates once you’re hooked on this saga…

Keeping the identity of your crush a secret is hard enough work in the gossip mill of a hospital. But when your crush happens to be your boss – and the Chief of Staff – it’s even harder to keep a lid on things…from the gossip mill and from the man himself.

Rookie nurse Brynn has managed to separate her personal and professional lives, despite her smoldering desire for the handsome Dr. Hitchens…until now. When news goes public that the good doctor has put himself up for bid at the hospital’s annual Christmas Charity Ball auction, Brynn finds herself in an impossible situation. The harder she tries to straddle the line between work and play, the farther she falls for Sam Hitchens…and the more complicated things become every day they report to work, as the big night draws ever nearer…

HIS BIDDING is the start of Ella Blythe’s new Erotic Romance and New Adult serial, “The Best Medicine.” Introduce yourselves to the characters at Mercy Hospital, and settle in for the deliciously slow burn, inevitably building toward an explosive chain of events that will change both Brynn and Dr. Hitchens’s lives forever.

Not much longer now!

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