Coming soon: “The Best Medicine” Trilogy!

Shh...coming soon!

Shh…coming soon!

What comes after a three-book run about forbidden relationships? Something a little different…and just as hot, of course.

Very soon, Book #1 of my new trilogy, “THE BEST MEDICINE,” will be available! This time it’s a story about a young nurse named Brynn who, as an occupational hazard, falls hard for her impossibly sexy boss, a man as well known for his prowess with female colleagues as he is for his impeccable medical career.

Caught your interest? Well, then, perhaps you’d like to read the opening pages…

I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear what you think! I’m easy to get in touch with online, so please do! Now, enough talk. Let’s get to the intro to “THE BEST MEDICINE,” shall we?

Brynn was just readying herself for her shift, pulling her hair back into its usual blonde ponytail, when the door to the on-call room burst open, blinding her with the fluorescent light from the hallway.

“Girl!” she heard a familiar voice whisper excitedly. “You need to go check the staff bulletin board, stat.”

Smoothing her scrubs, Brynn laughed and shook her head. “Okay, ‘girl’!” she replied, groping around for her stethoscope on the cot she’d all too recently vacated. “Why? What’s the big news? Or are you seriously going to make me trek down three floors to find out?”

Lisa elbowed her friend gently in the ribs. “It’s something you’ll wanna see with your own eyes. And, selfishly, I’d like to see you seeing it.”

Brynn heaved a mock sigh, squinting at her watch. She didn’t really have much time to spare before her shift started, but she figured she could indulge her mentor if only for the sake of waking up a bit more. “Lead the way, Obi-Wan.”

With no further encouragement needed, Lisa grabbed Brynn’s elbow and practically dragged her to the stairwell, skipping down steps as though she were a teenage girl, Brynn following just behind. Within moments they were facing the giant board of announcements next to the nurses’ station, where Lisa had been assigned for the overnight. “This was the first thing I saw when I got in,” she stage-whispered to Brynn, practically bouncing with excitement. “I was so glad to see you on the schedule. Otherwise I’d have had to call and wake you up.”

Brynn blinked a few times, looking at the bright and colorful scraps of paper pinned this way and that on the corkboard, most of them safety bulletins and news about upcoming conferences. But then her eyes landed on an especially festive red and green flyer, featuring a few photos rather prominently…one of which caught her attention more than the others. Her jaw dropped open.

“Oh…my god…” She blinked twice more, wanting to be sure she wasn’t hazily deluding herself. Nope. His photo was still there once her vision had cleared.

Lisa giggled, still in the throes of adolescent glee. “I told you! Now, would that have had the same impact if I’d just blathered about it?”

No, it wouldn’t have, Brynn thought, her heart doing a weird little hopscotch routine within her ribs. Nothing would have been quite as surprising as her seeing that Dr. Samuel Hitchens, the Chief of Staff at their hospital and her direct supervisor on the occasions she worked at his private practice, was among the staff who were offering themselves up in a “bachelor auction” for their annual Christmas charity ball. Nobody aside from Lisa knew about Brynn’s crush – if so mild a word could be used for the way she felt whenever she looked at him could be used – on the hot shot M.D., but if she stood staring at the bulletin board much longer it was bound to become obvious to the other nurses just wandering in for their shifts.

“Maybe you should ask him for a raise, and when he wants to know why, you can tell him it’s so you can afford to buy him,” Lisa teased, and Brynn hushed her, glancing around nervously. While it was a given that practically every female nurse, doctor and administrator here had the hots for Dr. Hitchens, she didn’t want to be singled out as the one who was lining up for the next opening in his bed. Everybody knew said opening was a coveted one – and, if rumor was to be believed, that it was filled by the prettiest of the med students on his rotation more often than not.

Her stomach twisted slightly at that thought. It was stupid to feel jealousy over a man who’d never been hers to begin with, but she found it seeping in every so often nonetheless.

Lisa’s next whisper broke her reverie. “So? Are you gonna do it?”

“Do what?” Brynn felt her cheeks turning as pink as her scrubs.

“Bid on him, obviously!” Lisa quite conspicuously pointed at the line on the flyer that showed the date on which the silent auction would begin, and – if the previous year’s bash had been any indication – those silent bids would determine the starting amount on the night of the ball itself. Brynn could only imagine how high the baseline would be. It would certainly be more than her second-year nurses’ pay would allow.

She shook her head at Lisa, a rueful smile on her lips. “Not likely,” she said with a real sigh this time. “For one thing, I have rent to pay. And for another, you know damn well who’ll be one-upping everyone all night anyway. She’s got it in the bag.”

“Ugh.” Lisa wrinkled her nose. Brynn loved that she had such a close friendship with her, eschewing the whole seniority thing since the third day of her orientation. Lisa was just too much fun to bother with rank. “If you mean Felicia – oh, sorry, Doctor Mills,” she continued, emphasizing the word “doctor” with a snarky drawl, “that woman is too horrible to wish upon Hitch for a night. Red hair and a legacy degree do not an interesting date make.” Lisa nodded decisively, as though hers was the last word on the subject.

“I’ve gotta get back upstairs,” Brynn said, giving her friend a quick pat on the arm. “Thanks for the eye candy, anyway.”

“Aw, come on!” Lisa called after her as she headed back toward the stairwell. “We’ll find a way to get you a…” When Brynn spun around and shot a forbidding glare behind her, Lisa pressed her lips together and made a zipping motion by way of apology. A couple of the nearby nurses were now paying attention to their exchange, so it was a good thing Lisa had shut up when she did. That was all Brynn needed. Her job was hard enough without being the main grist for the rumor mill. She gave another faux glare, then a slight grin and a wave, before leaving Lisa to start her night, just as Brynn was gearing up to enter the second half of her own. She took two steps at a time on the way up the stairs and made it to her floor’s nursing station with one minute to spare.

Believe me, it only gets more interesting from there!

~Ella x


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