Free Book! Nov. 8-11, Get FROZEN IN TIME for Free on Amazon!

What better way to start off a chilly weekend than by warming up your Kindle with a very hot e-book?
Get them now from Amazon!
Starting tomorrow, November 8th, and running to Monday the 11th, you’ll be able to grab FROZEN IN TIME for free on Amazon! And don’t worry; since they’re each standalone stories, you don’t have to read them in order…so what better place to start than the newest of the bunch?

Be expecting more deals, on ALL of my titles (and, yes, there are more on the way!) in December. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy FROZEN IN TIME and get hooked on the Forbidden Fruit series…


P.S. Don’t have a Kindle? You can read Amazon’s e-books on your computer or tablet, too – everything you need is free on Amazon’s site and in your app store for Apple or Android!


About msellablythe

Canadian. Erotica writer. Crazy in a fun way.
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