The “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” Trilogy is Complete!



At last! The collection is complete!

As of today, all three of the “…Forbidden…” series will be available on Amazon in the Kindle store.

FROZEN IN TIME” is the final installment and is the latest to go live on the site, so be sure to check it out…and stay tuned as I plan to offer a chance to snap up all three e-books with one great deal! Details will be posted as soon as they’re available.

For now, a little taste of what you’ll find in Book Three:

After a bitter betrayal at the hands of her mother, Jillian makes a run for an old favorite place: the cottage that housed so many happy childhood memories. Whatever hopes she’d had for solitude, however, are broken when a stranger shows up one blizzardy night. Daniel, her mother’s first husband and the rightful owner of the cottage, is shocked to find someone on his property…and even more shocked to find out who she is… 

FROZEN IN TIME, the third and final book in the “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” series, explores what happens between two strangers when they’re thrown together and stranded, with only their deepest source of heartbreak in common… 



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Canadian. Erotica writer. Crazy in a fun way.
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