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Summer of Sin

When Chloe’s jet-setting parents leave her behind for a summer, wanting her to “grow up” and get a job before moving off to college, she is dreadfully disappointed. But things start looking up as soon as her aunt’s impossibly handsome ex offers to help her spend her last free summer wisely…and Chloe realizes she might be growing up in an altogether unexpected way…

Good news! My first Forbidden installment is now available for Kindle through Amazon! The second piece of the Fruit will be completed soon, but in the meantime, here’s a sliver of the story – what little can be posted without getting too steamy! – that lies within the digital pages of “Summer of Sin”:

Bags loaded, car in motion, Chloe ignored her parents’ usual pre-airport bickering in the front seat, preferring to pop her headphones in and let herself daydream about Uncle James. God, would it ever not feel weird to call him that? He’d married Ellen’s sister when Chloe was only six, the perfect age to act as their flower girl at the wedding. Chloe could remember, even back then, being entranced by her new, young, handsome uncle, making a point to try to teach her how to dance at the reception, her tiny patent-leather clad feet atop his much larger ones. As she’d gotten older, Uncle James had remained one of her favorite playmates, always ready to take her to cool places that her parents were too busy or uninterested to go. Sure, some of her friends had raised eyebrows throughout high school when she’d beg off plans with them because she was going to a rock concert with her uncle, but most of them ended up biting back any taunts they might’ve had when James would pull up in front of their school, top down on his Mustang, looking oh, so cool in his dark shades and bright smile. Indeed, Chloe’s own best friend had more than once outright admitted her lust for the man.

“How on earth could your aunt have divorced that?” Anna had said at Christmas, during the most recent of Chloe’s big family parties. Both girls were expected to dress up, but knowing James would be there, without Aunt Stephanie for the first time, Chloe had stepped it up and worn her strappiest, sassiest red dress and heels. What she hoped to achieve by this was a mystery even to her, since she knew she was nothing more than James’s favorite niece, some kid in the family into which he’d married. But if nothing else it had served to telegraph the fact that she wasn’t just a little girl anymore. That night James had spiked Chloe’s eggnog a couple of times after she’d cajoled him into it, and he’d stood solo under the mistletoe for a long enough time – casting occasional, sly, unreadable glances in Chloe’s direction – that the girls had to wonder if it wasn’t deliberate. Anna sure as hell would’ve taken the chance to plant a kiss on those lips, had Chloe not shown a flare of annoyance and forbidden her. She wasn’t about to admit that it was jealousy rather than irritation.


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