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Ella Blythe’s first e-rotica novella will be available soon on sites such as Amazon, Kobo, iBookstore, Nook Books and more. Check it out!

Fruit of the Forbidden Tree 1-3
Summer of Sin
Fruit of the Forbidden Tree, #1
by Ella Blythe,
SensuEllis Books

When Chloe’s parents decide to travel the world without her, she’s left to spend her last summer before college at home. Mom and dad think getting a job and learning some responsibility will help her grow up a little before she moves away, but all Chloe can think about is how much fun she’s missing out on…until Uncle James enters the picture. Suddenly an offer to stay with her aunt’s impossibly sexy ex-husband doesn’t sound like a bad alternative to jet-setting…and Chloe might find herself growing up in a very different way…

The first installment of the “Fruit of the Forbidden Tree” series, “Summer of Sin” is a delicious trip into the taboo world of the ties that bind: family, guilty pleasures, and white-hot desire!

10,000+ words of forbidden fantasy come alive; intended for adult readers.


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